” Neil is a skilled online instructor, able to balance the virtual technology and audience with ease and flair. “

— Lyz
Articulate Storyline 2 Class - Private Training Course, Customized and scheduled to suit your calendar

Private Storyline 2 Class Level 1 Booking

Storyline 2 level 1 class

Private Class - 12 Hours

Cost: $895

What happens next?

  • Once you have booked your class you will receive an e-mail confirming your class dates and times, along with either a sales receipt (if you have paid) or an invoice which can be paid securely online.
  • When payment is received your class is confirmed and you will be shipped a headset and class materials (2-day shipping).
  • Class materials are sent out as electronic media. If you do want a hard copy let us know.
  • Your instructor will email you your login details to join him/her online in your virtual classroom on your schedule dates and times. You will also receive a class objectives form to help us meet your specific training needs.
  • If you are using a different version than the one listed on the booking form please let us know when we correspond with you.
  • On the day of your class, simply click on the link to enter the virtual classroom a few minutes before the class begins. Please make sure you have the required software loaded on your computer (eg Photoshop) and your headset tested and connected to your computer. You will need an internet connection of at least 2MB/s.
  • Your entire class can be recorded, let us know if you want this option
  • Any questions, just ask. We are here to help