” It was great! He was very helpful, answered every question I had and taught to my needs! “

— Kelly
Adobe Photoshop Class - Private Training Course, Customized and scheduled to suit your calendar

Private Online Adobe Photoshop Class

Photoshop CC level 1 class

( Earlier versions available )

Customised Private Class - 12 Hours

Cost: $895

Class Description:

This class is for anyone who needs to learn how to create raster based images for print, video or web. This application is a must for anyone in digital media content creation.

Class Topics:

  • Navigate through the Photoshop interface
  • Set up the application
  • Work with Photoshop color
  • Understand pixels vs. vectors
  • Select artwork
  • Use Layers
  • Utilize Masks
  • Understand Channels
  • Use Type
  • Work with Filters
  • Optimize Images for the Web
  • Create Rollovers and Slice Images
  • Use ImageReady to create web graphics

Class Details:

Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Starting to work in Adobe Photoshop
  • Using the tools
  • Using the options bar and other panels
  • Undoing actions in Photoshop
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Finding resources for using Photoshop
  • Checking for updates

Lesson 2: Basic Photo Corrections

  • Strategy for retouching
  • Resolution and image size
  • Getting started
  • Adjusting the color in Camera Raw
  • Straightening and cropping the image in Photoshop
  • Replacing colors in an image
  • Adjusting saturation with the Sponge tool
  • Repairing areas with the Clone Stamp tool
  • Using the Spot Healing Brush tool
  • Using content-aware fill
  • Applying the Unsharp Mask filter
  • Saving the image for four-color printing

Lesson 3: Working with Selections

  • About selecting and selection tools
  • Getting started
  • Using the Quick Selection tool
  • Moving a selected area
  • Manipulating selections
  • Using the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting with the lasso tools
  • View Sample
  • Rotating a selection
  • Selecting with the Magnetic Lasso tool
  • Cropping an image and erasing within a selection
  • Refining the edge of a selection

Lesson 4: Layer Basics

  • About layers
  • Getting started
  • Using the Layers panel
  • Rearranging layers
  • Applying a gradient to a layer
  • Applying a layer style
  • Flattening and saving files

Lesson 5: Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photographs

  • Getting started
  • About camera raw files
  • Processing files in Camera Raw
  • Merging exposures and applying advanced color correction
  • Correcting digital photographs in Photoshop
  • Correcting image distortion
  • Adding depth of field

Lesson 6: Masks and Channels

  • Working with masks and channels
  • Getting started
  • Creating a mask
  • Refining a mask
  • Creating a quick mask
  • Manipulating an image with Puppet Warp
  • Working with channels

Lesson 7: Typographic Design

  • About type
  • Getting started
  • Creating a clipping mask from type
  • Creating type on a path
  • Warping point type
  • Designing paragraphs of type

Lesson 8: Vector Drawing Techniques

  • About bitmap images and vector graphics
  • About paths and the Pen tool
  • Getting started
  • Using paths with artwork
  • Creating vector objects for the background
  • Working with defined custom shapes
  • Importing a Smart Object

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the class topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.

Photoshop CC level 2 class

( Earlier versions available )

Customised Private Class - 12 Hours

Cost: $895

Class Description:

This class is for anyone who creates and works with digital images and seeks to advance beyond the basic skill sets.

Class Topics:

  • Color correction of Master Images
  • Photo composition
  • Photo retouching
  • Color management
  • Advanced layer techniques
  • Color matching
  • Advanced halftone techniques
  • Advanced tool techniques
  • Automation techniques
  • Photoshop workflow

Class Details:

Lesson 1: New Feature Overview

  • Improved Interface
  • Adjustment Layer Panel
  • Mask Panel
  • Improved Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tools
  • Enhanced Photomerge technologies including 360 panoramics
  • Content Award Scaling
  • Fluid Motion Canvas rotation, Zooming and Panning
  • Enhanced 3d graphics editing

Lesson 2: Tool and Palette Primer

  • Preparing your workspace
  • Working with screen modes
  • Navigating your document
  • Picking colors
  • Basic editing tools
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Editing menus
  • Editing keyboard shortcuts

Lesson 3: Selection Primer

  • Basic selection tools
  • Magic Wand tool
  • Quick Select tool
  • Refining a selection
  • The Select menu
  • Quick Mask mode

Lesson 4: Resolution Solutions

  • Understanding pixel size
  • Resizing images and Pixel Interpolation
  • Printing Considerations

Lesson 5: Using Camera Raw

  • The Camera Raw dialog box
  • Adjusting Multiple images
  • Finishing touches

Lesson 6: Color Manipulation

  • Using the color wheel
  • The Hue/Saturation dialog box
  • Replacing color
  • Color Balance
  • Levels/Curves
  • Color Replacement tool
  • Channel Mixer
  • Gradient Map

Lesson 7: Adjustment Layers

  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Photo filter adjustments
  • Blending Modes
  • Adjusting isolated areas
  • Potential problems
  • Limitations of Adjustment Layers

Lesson 8: Noise Removal and Sharpening

  • Removing film grain and scanner/camera noise
  • Compression noise
  • How sharpening works
  • Selective Sharpening

Lesson 9: Advanced Masking

  • The NEW Mask panel
  • The Background Erase tool
  • The Extract filter
  • The Blending sliders
  • Creating a mask from Channels
  • Vector Masks
  • Layer Masks

Lesson 10: Collage

  • Creating a panoramic image with photomerge
  • Clipping Masks
  • Blending Sliders
  • Layer Masks
  • Vector Masks
  • Smart objects
  • Warping
  • Creating complex collages

Lesson 11: Retouching and Restoration

  • Patch tool
  • Healing Brush tool
  • Spot Healing Brush tool
  • Vanishing point
  • NEW IMPROVED Dodge, Burn and Sponge tools
  • Blur and Sharpen tools
  • Lens Correction filter
  • Liquify filter

Lesson 12: The Master Image Workflow

  • Image capture – resolution
  • Initial rough crop and straighten
  • Spotting
  • Global tonal adjustments
  • Global color adjustments
  • Reduce or remove noise/grain
  • Local tonal adjustments
  • Fine-tune localized colors
  • Interpret colors
  • Double and triple check masks
  • Retouching
  • Creative effects
  • Save master file
  • Create output specific files

Lesson 13: Working with 3D graphics

  • Using 3D shapes presets
  • Importing 3D files
  • Manipulating 3D objects
  • Adjusting 3D lighting and surface textures
  • Compositing 3D objects with 2D images

Our outlines are a guide to the content covered on a typical class. We may change or alter the class topics to meet the objectives of a particular class.


  • You have a certified instructor all to yourself for 12 hours
  • We go at your pace as it is a private class
  • The course is customized to your specific objectives and needs
  • The dates and even times are flexible to suit your schedule
  • Work with your own content or projects
  • There is no travel time or associated costs
  • The price is the same or less than attending a public class with other students who may have different agenda’s and skill levels to your own

Tips & Tricks

Hold down Alt to start a selection at the centre point with any Marquee tool, and then hold Space to temporarily move the selection around.

There’s a really easy way to overlay an image on top of text. Drop an image layer over a type layer then hold down Alt and click the line between the two layers in the Layers Panel to clip the image to the text.

You probably know that Cmd/Ctrl+Z is Undo, but you may not know Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Z lets you undo more than one history state.

and Change your brush tip size

Hold down Alt and drag a mask, style or layer to quickly duplicate it.

Double-click the Background Layer and hit OK to convert it to an editable layer


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