Stephen Walker was FABULOUS! I would definitely take a follow up course and have already begun applying a lot of what I learned. It was better than I expected and I was pleased at the level and the pace we took.

– Laura

Mo was absolutely fantastic! He asked for our background and basically created the class content based on the questions we had.

– Dave

I felt very comfortable with Heather as an instructor and felt that her knowlege and expertise were well suited for a detailed and quick-paced session. Thanks again for a job well done.

– Andrew

Tanya is an awesome instructor, easy to follow along, easy to ask any questions. I”d never opened Illustrator before the class, now I feel like I know what it can do and can perform basic to intermediate skills right away. I”m not intimidated to experiment with advanced techniques.

– Robin

Neil Stromin is an excellent instructor.  He”s very knowledgable about the tool and was able to answer questions that were outside of the scope of the class.  He was also skilled at delivering course material in a virtual format.

– Diana

Neil did a great job of introducing a concept verbally, explaining its function, his experience with it and personal preferences, and then showing us how to incorporate that feature or concept.  He then allowed us time to practice and ask questions.

– Whitney

Lauren was a great instructor. She help to make sure I understood everything before moving on and was flexible when I wanted to ask about a related subject.

– Pamela

I really enjoyed doing the course and I think Stephen was a very good teacher. I learned more than I hoped I would.I will recommend the course to everyone.

– Elaine

I took your Dreamweaver class in July and just loved the instructor. Very fun class. I took it on-line and it was a wonderful experience. I would love to win a class and have same instructor! I would highly recommend it to my professional colleagues.

– Stephanie

Rick was a great instructor, had real-world examples of RH in action, and provided well-detailed answers for questions.

– Christi

Neil is a fabulous instructor.  He brings a perfect blend of mastery of the software, real-world application & experience, sense of humor and flexibility to work at a comfortable pace while covering content most appropriate for my experience/skill level and needs.

– Elayne

Our Clients

Stephen did a great job of keeping us engaged, especially considering it was online, it was an even more difficult task.

– Karen

Laura was a great instructor. She help to make sure I understood everything before moving on and was flexible when I wanted to ask about a related subject.

– Pamela

The instructor knows his subject area very well. He is a very good presenter and knows how to balance group and individual attention. He asked the right questions to engage students. Enjoyed his humour!

– Riana

Stephen is awsome! easy to interact with and eager to help w/ any additional questions.

– Carmen

Tanya has been great. She is both friendly and informative. I have found her to be very easy to work with and have enjoyed the class thoroughly.

– Doug

Mo was an excellent instructor, very professional and patient while explaining and demonstrating the application.

– Wendy

Neil is a remarkably good faciltator in terms of technical knowledge and skill and group process facilitation. It was a pleasure to attend his training workshop.

– Anneke

Tanya was an excellent instructor and she made it fun to learn Photoshop.’, ‘Tanya was an excellent instructor and she made it fun to learn Photoshop.

– Dawn

Stephen is a knowledgeable and personable instructor. He was able to adapt to the system challenges we experienced without missing a que.

– Joann

The tasks we did were very useful and encompassed all of the different tools you can use. I enjoyed this class. Chris did a great job.

– Frank

Stephen was an excellent teacher. Excellent (and that”s from one instructor to another). I would definitely take another class from him – he”s a great instructor.

– Sandra

Great rapport with participants. Right mix of know-how and light-hearted encouragement.He was quickly able to ascertain the great variation of skills and aptitude and made adjustments accordingly.

– Alice

Lauren was an EXCELLENT presenter. She shows good product knowledge and is extremely competent in her presentation style. Thank you Lauren.

– Amith

I really enjoyed the course. Lauren is a great facilitator and she knows her content. I had alot of confidence in her knowing that we were in good hands.

– Giselle

Lauren was really great, it was refreshing having someone who actually worked on the system as oppossed to someone who merely trains the material.

– Nicole

The class has been a lot of me doing the practical exercises and each has been focused on my specific questions about a skill area.

– Douglas

I think that Neil was great at challenging me and helping me relate what I was learning to what I was going to be working on. The review work helped me remember exactly what I learned. I was able to figure out what I forgot and then re-learn it.

– Monica

This was the best training course that I have taken. I was not sure that I would like the on-line training – I had never taken a course like this and I didn”t know what to expect, but I loved it! I would do this again. Neil was wonderful! Thank you Neil!

– Julie

Neil was very patient and knowledgeable. He also made the course fun, I would recommend him to anyone interested in developing websites.

– Lori

Neil”s online competence and technical ability changed my mind about online classes.

– Connie

We had a more unique situation in that we were in the process of development at the same time as we were learning the software. Neil did a fantastic job of working with us to customize the class to accomplish both objectives.

– Lisa

Stephen was an excellent instructor. He was well paced, patient, informative and was able to keep my attention and focus. I would definitely recommend Stephen as an instructor.

– Nicole

Neil is a skilled online instructor, able to balance the virtual technology and audience with ease and flair. He is clearly knowledgable of the product and courseware and was able to detour to topics that were relevant to me and still complete the course objectives.

– Lyz

Neil Stromin is an excellent skilled trainer. He facilitates the training in a style that is very straightforward, easy to follow, and applicable to the learner needs. Thank you for a great online training experience!

– Korilynn

Neil was wonderful. I had my doubts about having this course taught remotely, but it was great.

– Portia

Neil Stromin is a patient, thorough, excellent instructor. He is very knowledgable and willing to take the time to explain things in plain English–not just jargon. He was also good about using examples that related to our particularsituation. He”s a gem!

– Teresa

Each afternoon, directly after the training, the team would come into my office, beaming from ear to ear and so eager to share what they had just learnt for the day! It almost seemed as if they were hovering above the ground, they were so excited!

– Frans

The course covered many topics and advanced features of InDesign at our request. We were very pleased with the amount of material that we covered over the 3 days.

– Britt

Tanya is an asset to your company. She is engaging as an instructor and has a wealth of knowledge on InDesign.

– Britt

Please give me thanks to Tanya again, she is truly a great teacher. I will be in contact in the near future to book more training for Photoshop and Illustrator, with Tanya of course.

– Leona

I thought Mo did a great job. He was always very helpful and took great time showing me how to do things. He went above and beyond what was outlined in the course.

– Mark

Alex was very good, since we use multiple applications from the Adobe Creative Suite he was able to answer many questions as they pertained to the interaction of After Effects with other applications within the Suit.

– Steve

I really enjoyed the Instructor. She took the time to have extra materials for me when we had completed the basic work covered in the class. She also took time to ask me what I was looking to get out of the class and made sure that we covered that material.

– Patrick

Excellent instructor, one of the most useful classes I”ve ever had

– Bill

Alex was very good, since we use multiple applications from the Adobe Creative Suite he was able to answer many questions as they pertained to the interaction of After Effects with other applications within the Suit.

– Steve

Tanya was an excellent instructor and she made it fun to learn Photoshop.

– Dawn

I will definitely make use of American Media in the future. Being able to do training at your own pace, at a time that suits you, not having to sit in traffic and being in your own working environment has made this course a wonderful experience. Thank you!

– Marlene

This was one of the best training courses I have ever attended. Once the class was completed I began working on a project that I had in my task queue so that I could apply my new knowledge.

– Pamela

Rocco did a fine job and was able to help us brainstorm on-the-spot some solutions to problems we”ve been having in our Captivate projects. Excellent trainer.

– Paul

We loved Danni P! She was awesome and would absolutely take another course from her!

– Goivannie

Julian was so very patient with us during our class. Whenever we asked for additional details on a step or concept he always obliged with further instruction. He clearly is very talented with After Effects but was able to speak to the software in a way that didn’t make us feel like we were too far in over our heads – allowing us to feel confident in the skill set we’re pursuing and slowly but surely attaining. Thank you Julian!!

– Kelly

Very good instructor (Warrick) and so patient and with all the knowledge for this course.

– Gabriel